Healing of Ears

For several years I experienced pain in my ears from high pitched loud sounds including music, even praise and worship, loud voices, children laughing and screaming, etc. Many times I had to leave the room during praise and worship at many church functions.

Last year, while still in Victoria, i was experiencing the pain in a service from a child’s high pitched loud voice, when I heard the Lord say, “I’ve made you sensitive so you can easily and clearly hear my voice. You experience pain by some loud sounds – screaming, loud shrill sounds. This represents the sounds of the earth coming that hurt my ears- cries of hurting people, cries of children – abused, murdered by abortion, their pain, cries of rebellion and defiance to my Word and my ways, refusal to accept my love.” I thanked the Lord for his message.

As time passed, I asked the Lord to please heal my ears, so I can enter in more fully in worship. Then, it finally happened.

I had expressed my difficulty to Pastor Manie and how I nearly left the previous week’s Sunday service due to the pain. Then at our Open Heaven prayer meeting Sept. 28th after standing in the foyer during worship, I submitted again to the Lord as Pastor Manie was praying for our needs to me met. He laid hands on my ears and prayed for healing.

In a few minutes, I noticed that the pain was gone!! Praise the Lord Jesus for ministering His healing touch.

So now I enjoy the worship services without pain. Children laughing and shouting at my son’s birthday party didn’t cause pain. I am eternally grateful.