Forest Fire Stopped

“Two weeks ago I was out for a walk with a friend of mine when her boyfriend called. He was working in Northern Saskatchewan in an oilfield camp and he called to ask her to pray for him and all the guys in the camp because there was a forest fire within 1 hour distance from the camp and they needed to know if they should evacuate or what to do?

So as soon as she hung up the phone we started to pray for him and the guys  in the camp. She prayed and asked that God would stop the wind and then I prayed and asked  for the wind to change direction so the fire would move away from the camp. Then we both asked God for it to be  done  for His glory, and we thanked God it had been done and  praised Him for it and went back to visiting with each other.

A little while later her boyfriend called back and told her that a few minutes after he talked to her (so at exactly the same time as we were praying) the wind SUDDENLY stopped and then changed direction!!!!!! exactly as we had prayed! God is sooooo good… there is nothing too big for HIM!!!”

from Kristen Federchuk.